System Overview

Dubai Civil Defence has embarked on a project to enhance life safety and national security in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, by implementing the 24x7 Smart Monitoring System. In this project, all private and government building and/or asset within Dubai, will be connected and monitored for fire, lift safety, and emergency alarms using state-of-the-art M2M technology. This deployment is streamlining the fire alarm monitoring and information transmission path to the Dubai Civil Defence operations center, allowing the fire service to focus more on fire prevention and timely emergency response.


A data server panel and a digital cellular communicator device are used to connect a building to the control center for direct monitoring of emergency alarms.

The digital cellular communicator system transmits data from server panels at the building to the Command Control Center over GPRS. The system continuously exchanges data and information regarding the building's emergency systems. In the event of a fire or a lift or pump emergency breakdown, a critical alarm is sent to the command control center automatically. Displays in the monitoring room, coupled with individual operating work stations at Dubai Civil Defence operations centers, give easily interpretable

information on the building location, the identified problem and different routes to the building as well as the nearest fire station.

Today, M2M technology provides a wide range of functionalities and capabilities that were not possible earlier. Networks can be scaled to very large sizes wherein thousands of buildings can be monitored simultaneously in a reliable manner. Interoperability between various monitoring devices, communication protocols and data transfer technologies to achieve an ultra-large scale citywide installation is now possible.

The Smart Monitoring System enables civil defence to develop improved plans that address all four phases of emergency management: Prevention-Mitigation, Preparedness, Response, and Recovery. The system based on M2M technology reduces the response time taken by Civil Defence authorities to reach accident sites and initiate remedial measures. It has now given Dubai Civil Defence an opportunity to monitor the health status of the fire and safety equipments in real time. Overall, the system offers seamless uninterrupted services to support and enhance the effectiveness and responsiveness of Dubai Civil Defence. The system also reduces the operating costs incurred by the Government for civil safety.