Commitment towards Fire Safety

The Civil Defence department is working tirelessly to meet the government’s safety strategy for 2021,” Said by General Director of Dubai Civil Defence, Maj Gen Expert Rashid Thani Al Matroushi in 6th Annual Middle East FireSafe Conference at Sheraton Grand Hotel Dubai. Government and Dubai Civil Defence plays an essential role in enforcing fire safety in the region. Ensure new buildings are fully compliant and older ones are brought up for rules and safety regulation.

Dubai Civil Defence has always been in the forefront of adapting new technologies that will help in protecting lives, properties and environment. Remarkable initiatives like 24x7 Direct Alarm System for Homes and Dubai Life Safety Building Dashboard have been launched to keep up the commitment and enhance the overall life safety standards in Dubai.

Press reports
  • Maj.Gen. Inaugurated 6th Middle East FireSafe
  • Reduced number of major incidents
    The 24x7 Command Control Center has captured more than 6,299 real life safety alarms since the time of its inception. The Command Control Center has played a vital role in capturing and preventing fire and life safety incidents in Dubai. Statistics show steady reduction in serious incidents in Dubai owing to faster response and timely maintenance of life and safety systems. Since August 2008 until 31st August 2015 , there are more than 50,837 assets subscribed and 42,643 assets connected to 24x7 Direct Alarm System. In August 2015, 117 life safety incidents were captured while monitoring these connected assets.

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