Dubai Civil Defence’ 24x7 Direct Alarm System (Smart System) now on your Mobile

The pioneering Emirate of Dubai has put itself on the world map by offering residents a state of the art lifestyle. This smart city has developed and implemented cutting-edge technologies across its infrastructure.

Dubai Civil Defence's 24x7 Direct Alarm System that monitors buildings in real time from its 24x7 Command Control Center, is one example of how Dubai uses smart technologies to safeguard residents. The system has proved to be a huge success, reducing the number of fires by 42% in its first year of operation.

The subscription to the 24x7 Direct Alarm System now can also be done through Dubai Civil Defence mobile application. The ‘Smart Services’ button on the mobile app allows the building owners/tenants to get subscribed to the system by filing up a simple subscription form. This application is also a powerful informative gateway that provides access to various Dubai Civil Defence services.

The apps can be downloaded for free on platforms such as, iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows phones.

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  • Reduced number of major incidents
    The 24x7 Command Control Center has captured more than 5,884 real life safety alarms since it’s inception. The Command Control Center has played a vital role in capturing and preventing fire and life safety incidents in Dubai. Statistics show steady reduction in serious incidents in Dubai owing to faster response and timely maintenance of life and safety systems. Since August 2008 until 30st April 2015, there are more than 48,798 assets subscribed and 44,414 assets connected to 24x7 Direct Alarm System. In April 2015, 114 life safety incidents were captured while monitoring these connected assets.

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