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Smoke alarms save lives!
Smoke alarms warn you that there is a fire before you see, hear, or smell it. It can be the difference between life and death in the event of a fire. Statistics from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) show that properly working smoke detectors can cut the chance of dying in a fire almost in half. Since the peak of summer is a time when high temperatures turn into a fire hazard, UAE residents should gear up on precautionary steps to avoid fatal accidents by testing the smoke alarms regularly and never remove or disable them. If a smoke alarm "chirps," it is indicating a low battery, and the battery must be replaced immediately. Do not be complacent about your smoke alarm, they must be properly maintained.

By joining hands, you, the people of Dubai and Dubai Civil Defence can make your city a safer place for everyone.
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IFE Fellowship award for Major General Rashid Al Matroushi Press reports
  • IFE Fellowship award for Major General Rashid Al Matroushi
  • Airport Show, Dubai on May 1 -13, 2014
  • Reduced number of major incidents
    The 24x7 Command Control Center has captured more than 4,397 real life safety alarms since the time of its inception. The Command Control Center has played a vital role in capturing and preventing fire and life safety incidents in Dubai. Statistics show steady reduction in serious incidents in Dubai owing to faster response and timely maintenance of life and safety systems. Since August 2008 until 30th April 2014, there are more than 43,037 assets subscribed to 24x7 Direct Alarm System. In April 2014, total of 102 life safety incidents were captured while monitoring these connected assets.

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