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Awareness Campaign by Dubai Civil Defence
Awareness Campaign by Dubai Civil DefenceMajor General Expert Rashid Thani Al Matroushi, Director General of Dubai Civil Defense reiterated its commitment to engage members of the public in its strategic plans and educational awareness programs. This approach stems out of the firm belief that enhancing prevention awareness among community members can contribute to instilling safety-oriented behavior within society, ultimately resulting in a decrease in the number of accidents and the size of damages and losses, should they occur.

Major General Rashid Thani Al Matroushi Press reports
  • UAE celebrated World Civil Defence Day on March 3
  • Fire Safety Technology Forum UAE
  • Reduced number of serious incidents
    The 24x7 Command Control Center has captured more than 4189 real life safety alarms since the time of its inception. The Command Control Center has played a vital role in capturing and preventing fire and life safety incidents in Dubai. Statistics show steady reduction in serious incidents in Dubai owing to faster response and timely maintenance of life and safety systems. Since August 2008 until February 28, 2014, there have been 54,298 assets surveyed for Direct Alarm System.

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