Dubai Life Safety Building Dashboard

Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) recently launched “Dubai Life Safety Dashboard”, which provides DCD access to real-time and historical information related to their KPIs and operational data, allowing them to make optimum use of their assets and services, and make the most efficient use of their time. Dubai Civil Defence has also extended the opportunity to the building owners in Dubai subscribed to the 24x7 DCD Direct Alarm System to monitor their buildings life safety data online, through interactive graphs that are easy to read and understand. Building owners can access their building dashboard by visiting

Building owners also get option to access ‘portfolio dashboard’ that gives them access to view their multiple buildings using a single login. The application has been linked to the Dubai Civil Defence operations rooms and can also be accessed through smart devices by building owners and government inspectors. The dashboard builds the bridge between building owners and government, making engagement easy and enables Civil Defence to work directly with building owners by giving them a unique tailored view to their buildings health and safety. The move is also aimed at identifying high-risk areas, better resource management and to support the Smart Dubai initiative.

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  • Reduced number of major incidents
    The 24x7 Command Control Center has captured more than 6,091 real life safety alarms since the time of its inception. The Command Control Center has played a vital role in capturing and preventing fire and life safety incidents in Dubai. Statistics show steady reduction in serious incidents in Dubai owing to faster response and timely maintenance of life and safety systems. Since August 2008 until 30th June 2015, there are more than 49,639 assets subscribed and 45,045 assets connected to 24x7 Direct Alarm System. In June 2015, 92 life safety incidents were captured while monitoring these connected assets.

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