24x7 Smart Monitoring System for Homes

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The Dubai Civil Defence (DCD) is always working to improve the safety of the citizens. Having implemented a ground-breaking 24x7 Smart Monitoring System by automating fire alarm monitoring and emergency dispatch for business premises in Dubai that reduced the number of fire incidents by 61%, it is now doing the same for homes.

The Smart Monitoring System for Homes, connects the residents to the 24x7 Command Control Center enabling the building occupants to alert Dubai Civil Defence in the event of a fire or any life and safety incident at their premises. This gives the best possible opportunity to deal with any emergency, before it has chance to take hold and cause substantial loss. This innovative system allows the citizens to report an emergency alarm to Dubai Civil Defence at the click of a button. The alarm once reported provides dispatchers with a detailed view of the location and readiness of all the emergency service vehicles at all times. Using state-of-the-art M2M technology, and a world-leading 24x7 DCD Command Control Center (CCC) on a cloud computing platform, this wireless system replaces out-dated terrestrial line based system to deliver faster response times and higher efficiency.

With increasing number of emergency incidents related to fire at homes, there is a need to modernize and transform the fire and rescue service provided by Dubai Civil Defence for residents. Emergency services organizations need to make the most of new technology in order to get the best possible value from the investment needed to prepare new safety challenges. New technology, including Information and Communications Technology (ICT), is the way forward to meeting these challenges.

The Smart Monitoring System for Homes uses ICT to save lives and protect residents by connecting the premises to a central Command Control Center where alarms are monitored, false alarms are filtered out, and genuine alarms trigger the rapid dispatch of an emergency response vehicle at the click of a button.

All the information about the type of emergency, the location, building pictures, the escape routes and any special hazards is transferred automatically to the vehicle while on its way to the rescue.

For a small fee a residential unit or home is connected to our 24x7 Command Control Center. Having this system in place ensures that the Fire Brigade or a third party is contacted immediately in an emergency no matter what time of the day.

Why have a Residential Smart Monitoring System?

The primary advantage of a Smart Monitoring System for Homes is increased reliability and the ability to raise alarm immediately when needed.

The special information on the residence including location map, shortest route to the building, building picture, exit-entry points etc. are pre-populated in the system which comes up on the computer screen whenever an alarm is received from the respective home.

Thus, if there is a disabled person in the home who needs special assistance this fact will be known to the operator and can be passed to the fire crew. Moreover, the cost of adding Smart Monitoring System to a residential building is relatively small.

Let’s join hands

By joining hands, you, the people of Dubai and Dubai Civil Defence can make your city a safer place for everyone.

The Dubai Civil Defence team will visit your premises for a detailed survey of the site and send you the subscription form with details of steps to follow

For more information about the 24x7 Smart Monitoring System for Homes, please email us at DCD24x7@dcd.gov.ae or call us at Tel: +971 4 705 2312, +971 4 7051685